Why Not?

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Why Not?

I have just finished driving my son to a high school dance. During this car ride we were talking and he mentioned that he had shared an email joke I had sent awhile ago with his friends. I was a little surprised since it had a bit of a feminist edge. His friends commented that “Your Mom sent this?” he said he responded “Yes she is a feminist like the next Susan B. Anthony.” I laughed but I started to ask myself “Why Not?” Why would I just laugh and think no way, never could I be like Susan B. Anthony. Then as I drove home I thought Why Not?, I have just finished reading In the Name of Honor by Mukthar Mai and watched the PBS documentary Half the Sky, and am offended by the oppression of women in the world. I am always contemplating how I could be a mentor and teacher to other women. Often this thought and this topic has caused my husband to remind me that I am raising boys. The universe is abundant and there is so much for everyone, but we still have inequity and just downright cruelty towards women. This conversation really had me thinking.

Women are over 50% of the workforce in the US and across the world we represent half of the population. We are also responsible for birthing 100% of the population. We raise families often alone. We nurture other human beings and still we are oppressed in a great majority of the world. Even in America we are not equal. So why not be bold, why not fight for ourselves and others, why not be a voice and teach others to find their voice. So tonight I sit here and begin a journey for myself and others. Join me on the journey of asking ourselves Why Not…? Why not take a look at who we are? Why not understand our purpose? Why not focus our energy on becoming all we can be? Why not take the world by storm and be bold, courageous women who know our value and sing with strong united voices for all to hear!

Who are we? We are the women of the world. We share a common bond, we are the same gender and I like to say we are the same tribe. We also have many of the same attributes no matter where we were born on the planet. We also have been blessed with being able to nurture others and procreate. We are unique. Each of us looks different, sounds different, likes different food, and uniquely can be anything we choose. Throughout history we have battled oppression and we (womankind) still do in many parts of this planet. Just because many of us have reached new levels of freedom we must not think the fight for equality is over. Many of our sisters live in a much oppressed society. They don’t vote, are not literate, and are beaten, raped, sold, abused and treated as second class citizens at best. While we can believe men are the biggest perpetrators of this oppressive state, we must look in the mirror and realize that if we turn our head and try to ignore that the inequities exist then we, each other sisters, are responsible for it continuing. But I believe we can unite, look inside of ourselves, look in the mirror and gain our individual voices and once this occurs we will reach the tipping point across the world and as they say “all boats will rise”. Even this is appropriate since most boats have a feminine name. Therefore, how we define who we are will help define who we can become? Who are you? Look in the mirror and take a long hard look. Write down what you see. Don’t stop with the physical description. That is a start but looking in the mirror requires a deeper look and often best accomplished with our eyes closed and our mind silent. This look within is a true look at who you are. So, who are you? An even more reflective question is; who are you meant to be? As you think about the individual power you have within you to be all you were meant to be and realize you have the will to create a life you want, consider how together we can be so much stronger. Women have so much to offer and with our strength we can support each other and create not only a life we want but a world that we want to live in and leave better than we found it.

This is the beginning for me to create a place to share and inspire each of us to find our voice and create the life we want. Please share what you want to create and how we can help each other.

Email: inspiringtransitions@cox.net

Twitter: @lmeadinspireme

Why Not ….
Let your dreams soar
Let your life take flight
Have a positive attitude
Be organized
Be balanced
Make a difference
Fulfill your dreams
Be a great communicator
Create a better life for you and me
Why Not?

Lisa Mead

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  1. Hi Lisa
    Loved your post! I met you as I was walking with your son leaving the conference Sat. at ASU. I did pass on your contact info to Sue Ellen as promised. She will be in touch. In the mean time I think we have a lot in common…I’d love to meet you for coffee. I am in Chandler.

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