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Hire Lisa Mead to Speak at Your Meeting or Event

Are you looking for a speaker to bring into your company or school? Are you looking for a Speaker for your Organization or Association?

Lisa’s main focus is on helping clients find passion and direction in their lives through her keynote speeches, seminars and workshops, and innovative learning techniques. Her personal philosophy is that everyone deserves and has the power within them to live a happy, healthy, and passion filled life. Her goal is to help them see that within themselves and tap into the greatness that they have to offer. Each of us deserves to experience inspiring transitions.

All of the presentations that Lisa gives can range anywhere from 1 hour to a full weekend. Each presentation is custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

To setup one of these speaking arrangements, contact inspiringtransitions@cox.net


  • Facing Lions, Tigers, Bears and Alpha Males, Oh My! – Mastering Communication and Conflicts
  • Taking Care of Mom and Dad: Inspiring Care giving
  • Inspiring Leadership in a Man’s World
  • Power of Your Word – Fire Your Inner Critic
  • Fall Back in Love with Your Job – Reignite Your Excitement for Your Career
  • Motivate and Inspire Your Life – How to Bring Passion and Meaning to Your Life
  • A Life of Purpose – How to Find your Why and Live it Everyday
  • Sharpening your Leadership Skills
  • Goal Setting – Getting From Here to There

Personal Transition Planning

Our work is focused on empowering you to be self-responsible and self-sufficient by encouraging independent decision-making. Working together in a personalized way to move through the transition into an inspired life will give you the opportunity to explore yourself while having a personal sounding board to guide you along the journey to a more fulfilled life.


  • Get Over Old Patterns
  • Do What you Wish You Would Do
  • Live a Life You’re Proud Of
  • Confidence, Self-Trust & Happiness – Living a satisfying, balanced, successful life

Working together is a personalized way to move through the transition. With our sessions, you will move through a process to realize an inspiring transition at your own pace. You will have time to explore the important questions and have a personal sounding board to guide you along the journey.

Contact inspiringtransitions@cox.net

Focus Areas for Individuals:

  •  Money – Wealth Building, Income, Financial Intelligence
  • Career – Business Building,Knowing your Value, Transitions, Raises & Promotions, Resumes and Interviews, Career
  • Body – Weight Loss, Health, Fitness, Feeling Great
  • Relationships – Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Family & Children, Taking Care of Aging Parents
  • Communication – Workplace, Family, Conflict and Difficult Situations, Romantic, Communication Skills/Relationships
  • Balance – Balance among all the aspects of your life, Managing Energy not Time

Coaching Circles (group sessions)

Inspiring Transitions Series (Six – 3 hour Group Sessions) 

  • Know thyself – Your Magnifying Mirror
  • Attitude of Gratitude and Expectation
  • Focus on Growth and Goals
  • Managing Your Time and Affirming your “Self”
  • Facing Lions, Tiger and Bears! – Conflict and Communication
  • Making it Stick

Find out more:  inspiringtransitions@cox.net

Additional Focus Areas: 


  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Goal Setting
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Conflict Management

Strategic Planning

  • Vision, Values, Goals
  • Measures
  • Action Plans

Health & Fitness          

  • Goal Setting
  • Realities and Myths
  • Managing Energy not Time
  • Eating, Rest and Exercise

Career Development

  • Interview Techniques
  • Know your value
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Goal Setting


  • Developmental Stages
  • Communication
  • Resources

Caring for Aging Parents

  • Resources
  • Communication

Leadership Development

Lisa coaches teams through challenges, having them:

  • Get closer through the process

  • Become good at communicating in a way that strenthens the Team

  • Fulfill their own and each other’s needs

  • Remain deeply committed to the goals of the team

Focus Areas for Leadership:

  • Communication

  • Culture

  • Goal Setting

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Conflict Management

  • Strategic Planning: Vision, Values, Goals, Measures & Action Plans

With groups, Lisa is masterful at negotiating through the undelivered communications, agendas, and upsets to have the individuals in the team feel understood, appreciated, to work through and forgive past issues, and to communicate and function together in a way that is fulfilling and energizing.  

Sessions can be scheduled evenings and weekends.

Call us to schedule a free transition strategy session: reach us at